The Damien Fund

The Damien Fund makes it possible for students to experience the best of Damien: exceptional academic, co-curricular, and spiritually-enriching programming. The Damien Fund is helping to make this life-changing education possible. 

Damien students are different. They graduate and step into the world on a mission to make a difference as they become researchers, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists, and more. We are working hard to offer the quality education that our students deserve, but we cannot do it without you. The Damien Fund is the oxygen that allows the school to operate and thrive. It covers costs of classroom upgrades, allows us to hire talented and quality faculty, supports students with financial needs, and helps us maintain our 26-acre campus.

The Damien Fund goes to work immediately to sustain the quality and experience of Damien High School for all students. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. Help us provide a Spartan education today!